Zoomup - Le contrôle parental participatif

Protect your children from inappropriate media content


 The first parental participation control device

As parents, conscious of the well being of your children,

play an active role in their protection.

Contribute to validating films, tv series and video games

to suit your child’s age group.



Share your thoughts, make other parents aware of any contents that you may have found inappropriate and profit in return from the results and findings of other users.


Find a film adapted to your child’s age group in the collection of films and TV series.

Evaluate the films that you have seen by following the precise criteria and state the age limit that you would recommend.


An alternative reference.

A library of thousands of film references

Reach in one go of eye the releases cinema of the week 

Film classification varies tremendously from country to country.
Stated age limits are not always correct for the explicit content

that the film may contain.

Your young children and teenagers are therefore at risk of watching and hearing content that is inappropriate to their age groups.


92 % des parents pensent que l’âge limite indiqué par la classification en France  n'est pas toujours en adéquation avec son contenu

The application Zoomup suggests a selection of films in function to the age of your children.

A parent’s judgement is the most reliable advice for evaluating if a film is compatible or not to the age of their children

Take control and limit the media productions that have violent or inappropriate content, to suit your child’s age, sensitivity or fragility

Be the sole judge of media content, that is brought within the reach of your children

Tell Zoomup about inappropriate content.

Grade the age limit that you personally recommend, and share your findings and thoughts with others.

Only the advice and guidance from Zoomup users counts!

Follow other Zoomup users with a profile similar to yours.

Steal ideas for your home cinema evenings, complete with popcorn of course!


Make your own friends list, and keep up to date with their new findings.
The films and series that their children are watching will surely be of interest to yours too! 


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Zoomup - Le contrôle parental participatif

© Zoomup 2016. Le premier contrôle parental participatif


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